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Miguel Lemos Cerámica Creativa
Miguel Lemos
Miguel Lemos | Creative Ceramics

Miguel Lemos is a creative who likes who flies in is own imagination, materializing it sublimely in his works.

The workshop of Miguel Lemos is an imaginary atelier, where creativity hangs over the imagination and emanates the sense of humor.

His products are originated from these three components, combined with quality and originality. Only in this way his works of art survive, allowing the subsistence of this artist who dedicates himself 100% to the art of pottery, guided by the pleasurable creative act.

In the manufacture of his pieces, the hands are presented as the most humane, simple and appropriate technique ... It is from these that the pieces of art are born and through which the entire process of formation goes, based on inspiration, rigor and quality.

The color predominates in the author's pieces, because as the author himself says "color is life, and joy".

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