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Art with the needle The Portuguese Needle
Art with the needle
 Art with the Needle | Portuguese Needle

We can consider "Bordado" all the decorative work done by means of a needle on any type of pre - existing support. The types of support can vary according to the type of work one wishes to achieve, the most common being the fabric.
In Portugal, Viana do Castelo is considerably rich in lace and embroidery compared to other regions. The origin of these embroidery is closely linked to the work done in costumes of the region: "O Traje à Vianesa" or "Traje à Lavradeira".

The "Bordado" of the region Viana do Castelo uses materials from the region itself and inspire their drawings in the flora
and in the region's fauna, in our days we can find many and varied works with Viana embroidery, such as cloths, bread bags, table cloths and dressers, slippers, etc., however, all embroidered motifs originated in regional costumes which were subsequently transposed for these works.

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