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Cultura Portuguesa has born with the goal of sharing the best of the Portuguese Culture promoting our arts and supporting a philosophy of fair trade promoting the traditional handcraft.

Recently we opened our eyes to the eco-friendly & vegan world. Complementing our fair trade philosophy, we believe the fashion world needs to give the next step by rewarding the best of world has to give without depending from other animal species.  For that we are now sharing amazing natural and ecological fashion accessories most of them 100% vegan. All the fashion products we sell are made of cork which give them a  modern, ethical, with distinctive style and designed for daily use.

The products are only manufactured by qualified artisans or in certified factories in Portugal, where employees are respected and sustainable behaviors are take in practice.  We sell online and in a physical store: the Cultura Portuguesa shop in Porto.

We embrace singularity and tradition allied with charm.
CULTURA PORTUGUESA Cork Fashion & Arts - Authentic and charming products of Portuguese invention.


 Cultura Portuguesa Shop - Rua Mouzinho da Silveira 312, 4050-417 Porto